Another Floral Sheer number - 31daysofmay

In a recent Lady Date with Laura and Rachel, I had very silly'ly not really thought my outfit out thoroughly  so decided whilst in Meadowhall, that I was going to buy a top/dress to change into.

We went into Yours Clothing and I spotted a sheer floral top that I'd been wanting for a while, and was also on a £5.00 off deal. So I had to have it.
I also got a belt to go with the top as well.  And it all came to just £33.00. Which made me happy. Certainly didn't break the bank like I normally do on Lady Dates with these two.

This is how the top looks as advertised online.

I wore this to work on Wednesday.

What I Wore:
Shirt - Yours
Belt - Yours
Leggings - Primark
Pumps - Asda
Cardigan - Thrifted

I WAS a bit worried at first about wearing this to work, but upon checking myself out in the mirror, I found that the shirt is quite opaque and didn't need anything underneath as most sheer items do. So, very impressed by that Yours!

 I got it in a 28/30 so it was longer and loose fitting rather than tight on le boobies and short.

I also wore a paira sunglasses Laura gave me.

This top is another to add to my summer shirts!
I can just see it now, a nice sunny day, sat outside in a beer garden, sunglasses on, cold cider in hand.... oh summer please won't you come soon!



  1. Looks great :) I didn't find it too sheer either xx

  2. Ooh it's so pretty! You look lovely :). I wish there was a Yours shop near me. :(

  3. Lovely sunnies and top. I've not been in a Yours store! x x


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