Recent Snapshots - #31daysofmay


Primark wedge trainers
 Starbucks Hibiscus & Berry Fresher
 Matalan Ring
 Wonder Woman Trainers
 Gin & Tonics

 Maxi Dress
 Purple Lips
 For the Star
 Lady Date
 Bare Legs
 Supper with Parents
 More Purple lips*
 Badass glitter
Made by Lollylikes 
 Animal Print
 Coral Ensemble *
 Solid Perfume £1.00 from Primark
 Gold Belt*
 Music in lifts*
  Denim shirt love*
More denim shirt love*
*All the outfits are what I wear for work.


  1. LOVE the floral dress! x

  2. Elise31/7/13

    Has anyone told you your waist isn't right under your boobs? It's lower.. though I guess it doesn't matter, seeing as you don't have a waist..

    1. Hey Elsie, what does my waist have to do with anything? Do you see me explaining in this post how I want to find my waist? Do you see me saying anything about my waist? Because I don't, infact, I don't actually understand what the purpose of your comment is? I as a human am well aware where my waist is. But I CHOOSE, as a human with my own brain and own reasons for doing, I CHOOSE to wear my belt under my boobs because thats where I LIKE it.
      And since this is my body and not yours, where I CHOOSE to wear MY OWN CLOTHING, I reckon its none of your fucking business where I have chosen to wear a belt yeah?!?!


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