Flash The Flesh

When a group of bloggers join together for a chat you know that the final result has to be super!! And so this happened once more when, a few days ago, we were talking about our preferences between mini and maxi and Becky thought that it would be great to create a challenge which goal was to show a little bit more skin and our body (but with style and no vulgarity) showing proudly our curves. And so it was born “Flash the Flesh”.

Well as soon as I saw all the wonderful babes flashing their flesh, I knew I had to be part of it the next time round.
So here is my Flash The Flesh, getting my legs, arms, and tummy out in the sunshine!
Good ol mobile pictures, making me look babely since, well since I had this phone.

I decided I wanted a lot of said flesh on show, and wanted my tummy showing a bit too.
Look at those stretch marks... aren't they cute!

I also LOVE that you can see my belly outlines through the skirt!

The shirt is from Yours Clothing.
Skirt and pumps from Primark.

And a classy mirror pic from Instagram
I'm so pleased to be taking part in this awesome post. Far too often we feel like we can't show our bodies off, but that stops here!

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  1. Love it you look fab xx

  2. Looking beaut as usual. Was ace to meet you today xxx

  3. Just like I said on instagram, you are the definition of babely. You rock that crop top so hard. :)

  4. Love this shirt! So cute.


  5. Loving the skirt and yo' belly! Lovely to meet you yesterday. x x

  6. Anonymous31/7/13

    Nice stretch marks :/

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comment, it means this blog post has another nice comment!


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