Sheer & Denim Delight - OOTD


And it's going to be a GREAT month!
So many great things to do, people to see and clothes to be swapped!

 Onto the outfit...I was just meeting my parents in Leeds for Lunch, and some shopping and such. 
So I went for a swim before hand and then made my way to the train. 

Inspired by Rachel to get my pins out in shorts!
The bra is from Yours Clothing.

What I Wore:
Pink Sheer Shirt - Asda
High Waisted Shorts - New Look Inspire (UK 24)
Pumps - Primark

The necklace is actually a chain belt from a dress I got from New Look.

These pumps are like SUPER old and scruffy, but I love them. 
Plus I kinda think they pull everything together.

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  1. I love you in shorts it's super cute xx

  2. You look fantastic xxx

  3. Anonymous2/6/13

    Just read your piece in love it! I'm a size 14 and find it impossible to be at peace with my body, reading what you said has uplifted me so much. Thank you(: you are beautiful xo

  4. there needs to be a reaction marked WONDERFUL

  5. Looking shexay in shorts! x x

  6. davie frm glasgow3/6/13

    Hey read ur story in love it and just wanna say u r awesome x and u look amazing xx


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