Simply Be Blogger Take Over Event

Ok, so fair warning now, this is going to be PIC HEAVY

On Wednesday last week I went with Rachel and Rebs to the Simply Be Blogger Take Over Launch, and it was AWESOME!

We were greeted with champagne and had photos taken.
A few other ladies had already arrived so we mingled and had some time to chat whilst more people arrived.

Lauren posing for a picture.

Then we took our seats and there was a talk about the process the company and bloggers went through.
And the bloggers, EmLauren & Laura had a chance to talk about their experience with the designing and  the whole process.

There was lunch, GOOD lunch!

I wore my New Look Ka-Pow dress with my scraggly old cardigan and trainers (here&here).

There were rails upon rails of new collections for A/W 13.

There were talks about Upcoming Trends...

Babely looking playsuit for next Spring!

...and also talks about Company Branding.

The 3 lovely ladies.

The event venue was gorgeous.

AND finally... the dresses.
L-R: Laura's party dress, Laurens Ice Cream print skater and Em's Classic piece.

Below are a few quick video's from the event.

It was such a fab day and it was nice meeting up with some bloggers I'd not yet met. Hoping to see a lot of them at Plus North soon!

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  1. It looks like such fun! The dresses are all gorge and I wish I could afford them all. x x

  2. It was nice meeting you. I had a great day, looking forward to getting my blogger dress. :)


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