Body Con and Orange Lips - OOTD

 Lets try this blogging this again.
Ive been on a bit of a blog spree today and hopefully this is my bloggers block all done and dusted with now.

On my lips Im wearing a lip colour which Rachel made for me.
She made it from a crayon and it took 10 mins max from start to end.
Its made from the red/orange crayon.

 What I Wore:
Dress - New Look Inspire size UK 24
Belt - New Look Inspire
Trainers - Primark
Necklace - New Look Inspire belt.

Bag is Mr Price.

Nails are Maybelline Colour Show - Burgundy Kisses.

The badge is from Bettie.

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  1. Love this dress :) glad you like the lipstick xx

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