Plus North 2013 - Part 2

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So onto the actual event at Plus North.
The main hall itself had loadsa tables and chairs and a runway.
There were quite a few stalls, my faves were Simply Be, Yours Clothing and Excite Clothing.
Simply Be had a rail of some of their pieces, I kept going back to their stall, these two pieces...  this and this honestly made me drool.
 Seriously, Simply Be are so on point!

After a bit of milling about and catching up with Becky, Beth, Emma, Sian it was time for the Simply Be Catwalk.

Here are some pictures from the catwalks... I mainly only got images from the hall itself since I was too busy clapping and whooping to take any pics of the ladies.

I did get a lovely video of the Simply Be catwalk. I just couldn't look away, the pieces they decided to showcase were amazing!
I lust after the dress' that Elena and Gemma wore.
I must admit, I did already love Simply Be before, but after this weekend, I love love love them even more!
Dawn in the front row looking ravishingly fabulous!
I spotted Bee ^_^

Simply Be Models L-R: Rosie, Gemma, Rachel, Naomi, Kirsty

Pretty sure this is Vicky from The Curved Opinion

Rachel and I jumped in the photo booth and clearly were sexual as fuck!
Rach definitely rocks the Dame Edna specs!
Pure Sex yeah?

And I'm so glad we managed to get pictures with Charlie too!
The photo booth closed down FAR too early for my liking!

 Typical mirror shot at the Curvissa stall.
I felt like such a babe in this Simply Be Cutie dress! It fit so well but was so light and probably the best choice for the all day event!
Ooft I was so much in heaven here! Look at these babely babes! Mel, Charlie and Kerry

Found on Instagram.
GemmaToniKerry and Charlie

I spent some time just milling about seeing people, seeing dresses I WANT, and just being fabulous donchaknow!
 I didn't win anything this time round on the prize draw.

After the catwalks were done, the prize draw was done and all the photoboothing was done and the packing up begun, Laura and I went back to the hotel for food and a general relax before the night do.
As per usual, a #dailyscowl in the lift.
Come back and check le blog tomorrow for the final installment of my Plus North weekend.

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  1. That photo is indeed me! Is there any chance I could have a copy for my blog, am trying to garner together some photographs of me on the day as I don't have any. Will credit you of course xx


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