Plus North 2013 - Part 3

The final bit of Plus North was the Scarlett & Jo catwalk, Karaoke and Buffett.

After the catwalk, it was time to get our dance on. Mel, Charlie, Rach and I decided to start it off since everyone was just sitting around, eventually after a good half hour of shaking our toosh's people started getting into the party mood and boogying. Said boogying and singing went on till 12.

Trying to look all innocent in my tiny tiny dress.

 Mel and Dawn on the stage.
A GLAMOUROUS group shot!
Mary and Lyndsey

Here are some pictures from Laura of me dancing.
 I clearly owned that dance floor.
We also sang... Nelly - Its getting hot in here.

After the party cooled down, a bunch of us decided to go out in Manchester to continue the festivities and generally frighten people with our confidence!

 "everyone loves a bear"

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to have spent my weekend!
I had such a blast with all the babes! I wish we could do this every weekend!
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  1. I had a great time you were a fab dance partner xx


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