Collection DELUXE lipstick

Now we all know I am a cheapo, and I like a good bargain!
So imagine my surprise when I picked up 4 lipsticks for a tenner in ASDA.
Ok so granted there only 2 actual colours, but hey, a girl needs different shades of pink and red!
And they're such nice shades of said colours!
They are pretty good wear too, I wore one of them pretty much ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT at Plus North and I only reapplied twice throughout the entire day! 

  The four colours I picked up are:

#2 - Talullah

#4 - Speakeasy

#5 - Silent Movie

#1 - Prohibition (best name ever)

I am quite fond of Talullah, I think it may have just become my everyday lip colour!

Here is the actual wear from day to night with just 2 touchups.
(i didn't wear use a lip pencil either)
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  1. Got to love good lippy's that last - they look awesome colours :)


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