McSkully Love

A couple of months ago a friend from work had this cute bracelet on with a Viv Westwood orb on it. I was curious as to where she got it from and she introduced me to Amy McSkully on instagram.
Boy did I fall HARD!!
Not only is Amy a BABE, she is Scottish too!
(and I am so inlove with her gorgeous dog Homer!)
She makes the weirdest jewellery that I have seen in a while. And we all know that weird is wonderful to me!
After lusting for a few things on her website mcskully.com, I eventually bought a few items and I am so happy with them.
You can tell she is really passionate about what she does. 
Everything comes so nicely packed. Even the envelope was fricking pink!

I got 3 items, all necklaces. 
I got the tooth, a bee and a my little pony one.

I only have links to the Bee and the Pony necklaces.

I also won an Instagram competition which I won a Deathly Hollows necklace, a diamond shape necklace and a set of matching ring and earrings. 

My lust list on McSkully is so big atm!
Currently coveting this lot of beauties!

Super inlove with this Bee necklace!
So yup. go visit her website www.mcskully.com and buy all the pretty things!!
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  1. Lovely! Especially like the bee one. x

  2. The bee is gorgeous! I've bookmarked so I can look on my laptop. x

  3. Amazing home made jewelry. It is really a tradition in Scotland, I believe. Isn't there something cool for young men.


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