Rad Fat Shopping Trip #2

Recently a small group of us fatties happened upon Doncaster for a shopping trip!
It started with an alcohol fueled night at Rebs' house with Rachel taking the piss out of Rebs and my music taste!
This coming from the girl who has Jerseylicious as her ring tone....
What I Wore:
Polka dot tshirt - Primark
Skater Skirt - New Look
Leggings - Simply Be
Cardigan - Primark

On my lips is Silent Movies lipstick by Asda, my liner is Barry M.

Who doesn't love a train selfie??

So many laughs are always had when the three of us get together, drunk or not. 
It's cheesy, but I'm so lucky to have these two babes in my life!! <3

So next day we woke up and got ourselves dressed and went for a monster breakfast. Some of us needed this more than others!!

Rebs drove to doncaster and we waited at the train station for the most mystical, magical creature to arrive.
And when she did... Im pretty sure all 3 of us let out a sigh of lustful want for Charlie!

Hungover Car selfie for prosperity.

Love rachels disappearing shorts.

We got to the Frenchgate shopping center and happened upon a weird mirror and obviously it was there to take group selfies!

The group of boys walking past us thought this was TOTES EMBARRASSING.
Sadly for them, no fucks were given.

I wore a dress Rebs gave me the night before, its from Primark and is a size UK20.

We hit Simply Be and as always with Simply Be, the ladies in store were just delightful!
(see some more simply be photos from our last rad fat shop here)

I picked up a few items which I really liked.

The first was a polka dot shirt which was just gorgeous.
I'd seen one either the same or similar on Rach and I knew I needed to try it on!
 You can buy this shirt here.

Then I tried on a dress I ALSO saw on Rachel as well as Betty Pamper and just fell inlove!
It's the Cut out Skater Dress.
You can buy it here.

Then I picked up this little treat which I ended up buy, I couldn't face myself if I left without this number.
It made me think Wednesday Adams, so I HAD  to have it.
Sadly I cant find it online.

After lusting over pretty much everything in Simply Be, we went into a few other shops. There was a quirky jewellery store which I could have purchased everything in.

We popped into Dorothy Perkins as they were having a sale so I tried a few items on.

I loved this polka dot skirt the most!

We also went into Yours clothing and I tried a few items on in there too.
I only purchased the peplum top.

Rebs, Rach and Charlie having a well deserved rest.
Finally we went into New Look and spent AAAAGGGEEESSS in there, particularly in the changing room.
All 4 of us piled ourselves into one room. 
It made for some laughs!

I didn't buy anything in New Look but I did spot 2 necklaces I will buy come payday!

We ended the day with a bite to eat and more laughs, and then went our seperate ways after big hugs and loves!
What a fabulous weekend it was! Again soon yeah?
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