Velvet Polka Dot Goodness - OOTD

I have seen other ladies doing lovely underwear reviews, and they all look so lovely doing so.
And I never quite understand why my body doesn't look the same in underwear, so I decided to post my beautiful body in said underwear so it's out there for other lovelies like me who just don't have the same shape as everyone else.

I recently purchased 2 sets of bra and knickers, today Im showing the first set.
A gorgeous purple polka dot pair.
I got them all from Simply Be.

This isnt a review, it's a "hey look at me being semi naked looking awesome" kinda thing.

The Bra is £22.00 and the Knickers are £16.00

So this is MY body, its not the same shape as anyone else's, its mine!
And I can wear matching underwear too!

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  1. I love that you are so confident with your body. I wish I had your confidence :) You go girly! xx

    www.mollylouiseblogs.blogspot.com xxx

  2. Hell yea. You rock! :) The undies are adorableeeee!

  3. Go you! There's nowt wrong with that bod, missus! x

  4. check you out all matching ! xx

  5. Anonymous3/1/14



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