Silk Nail Wraps

So the other day my Mom and I went to a nail joint in town, she needed a repair done to a natural nail and I wanted to get some tips done too.
We both decided to go for Silk Wraps since its less damaging.
My Mom got her nail repaired and got her nails shellac'd.
I got a full set of tips then silk done.
First I got tips put ontop of my natural nails, which she cut and filed down to the length I wanted.

Then she applied the silk wraps, which was weird in itself, because how can silk make strong acrylic like nails?! But she applied a layer of glue, then silk, then more glue, then an activator spray and repeated 3 times. 

I opted for a bright pink at the time... 

  ... but almost straight away the varnish got dented. I wasn't too fussed bout the colour anyway, so I created something FAR more fabulous when I got home.

I Used:
Jesse - Breathless
2true - Glitterati

Have you ever had falsies?

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  1. I did loonnggggg ago in High School and Fresh out of. I liked them but then learned to not bite my nails and have gone au natural ever since. :)


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