Currently Coveting - Bodycon

It's not a secret that I am a fan of BodyCon dresses, or anything tight fitting really.
So it should come as no surprise that I am currently lusting over a collection of gorgeous bodycons!

BodyCon Wishlist:

The first on my list is this number here which I tried on in a recent shopping trip.
It's the Rose & Lace Print Panel Dress at only £40.00.
I love that its a long sleeve and the print goes down onto the sleeves too! I can totally see this with my biker jacket and boots!

Next is this colourful dress.
Now, I'm not one for names or brands, so the fact that it's a Gemma Collins dress is neither here nor there, but I did see the lovely Gemma Cruickshank model this piece at Plus North last year and I fell in love there and then!

The next dress I am wanting is this Cross Print dress at £30.00, its a steal really!
Its more casual than the others and again, the sleeves, I love that they're long!

I saw this next dress on the gorgeous Hannah from Fabulously Fat Fashion and I knew I needed it. 
It's the Lace Panel Bodycon dress and at £75.00 its the priciest on my list.

Next on my want list is this fabulous Velour Bodycon Dress with Floral Burnouts at £45.00.
Now please tell me, what is better than a velour/velvet body con dress??? Nothing! 

Next is a dress which again has a brand name attached to it, it's the Anna Scholz Jewel Print at £50.00.
Again, the name means nothing to me, but just look at that design! 

And finally, a dress I have been lusting over for about 3 months now, its the Claire Richards Sequin Bodycon at £63.00 currently on sale. 
I would live in this dress if I could! How fabulous is it!??! 

Are you a bodycon fan??

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  1. I love the cross one. Waaaaaah! x

  2. And I crave the sequin one!!!!!!!!!! Wantwantwantwantwant :-P

  3. Anonymous30/1/14

    Hey what are you doing with your life? I don't want it to sound mean but.. you should lose weight. Don't believie all those women who claim that you look gorgeous no matter how much you weigh. It doesn't matter because obesity is dangerous for you life! You could look beautiful if only you lost weigh. There's nothing wrong in having 'additional' body but you exaggerated. If you don't lose it, it's very probable that you'll die in young age. It's not even probable, it's certain. Stop eating fast food and sweets, move your ass and start to excercise. You'll thank me for that.

    1. What are you doing with your life? Not only are you obviously spending your time reading (and searching out?) blogs that you are not interested in but you go the extra mile to post anonymous 'life advice' to people who haven't asked for it, let alone want it!

      There is nothing wrong with having any body that you choose, there is something wrong with hiding behind a computer screen to put people down.

      The only thing you should concern yourself with is your own health - no one else's is your concern. Move along.

    2. Anonymous31/1/14

      No, trust me, im not searching out this kind of blogs, i saw it by accident and i felt i have to write something. And yes, there IS something wrong with being obese. it's a disease. My name and surname won't give you anything. What will you do with it, huh? You accept your body because it's easier than losing weigh. It is my problem because im member of society, and some people claim that being overweight is ok. No, it isn't. Being fat isn't adventage, wise up! If someone is fat, it's not my businnes. But if someone promote being fat as a good lifestyle, it automatically becomes my businnes.Yes, you promote it because you don't do anything with you weigh and you write blog about it. Being fat isn't even beautiful. Neither obesity, nor anorexia.

    3. Anonymous16/2/14

      Hey anon, I once felt the same way about all of these types of blogs that basically promote obesity but I've found that most of them just won't understand it. Many are deluded and have formed this mindset that everyone else is wrong, that they are the minority being oppressed (see the thisisthinprivilege blog). A single comment won't do much, hun. But you can try.


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