Rad Fat Shopping Trip #3

Another Rad Fat Shopping Trip to fat mecca Doncaster!
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This kinda follows on from yesterdays post.
I'll admit it right now, I was feeling tender, we had many drinks the night before and Rachel and I were ever so slightly hung over.
So I didn't take many photos.
Hungover car selfie, look at those eyelashes!
We were a big group of 10 of us, including Rebs, Gemma, Emma, MariskaAbbie, Lolly, Leah and Nancy.
I'm not entirelt sure that Doncaster is ready for this amount of fatness in one group!
We hit a few stores, Simply Be, New Look, Your's, possibly some other places but I can't so much remember right now.
Some Simply Be change room moments.
Thanks to Rachel for being my photographer
Lovedrobe Maxi Blouse
 Booty booty booty rocking everywhere

Not available online, similar here 

Oversized Black & White Flock Smock Tunic
My fave purchase of the day!
The last two shopping trips prior to this we went into a shop called Bijou Brigitte.
Which I have since found out is a German jewellery company.
But again we went into this little store again. I can't help myself in there, Id probably buy every item if I could, the magpie in me wants all the shiny sparkly things!
After the long day of schmoozing round the Frenchgate and Doncaster, we went to a place called Relish.
Emma had us walking ALL round Doncaster for it, tut tut!
I didn't manage to get any pics in there because in all honesty, I was finished! I was just so happy to be sitting down and resting my feet.

The pics below are all courtesy of Abbie's IG

Leah, Lolly and Abbie

 Mariska and Nancy

Gemma and me

Abbie and Emma
It was such a lovely day, spent with lovely women!
I really do enjoy our shopping trips and hope these trips get bigger and bigger as the year rolls on!
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