Dancing Queens #1

A few weekends ago I attended a Rad Fat Shopping Trip in fat heaven Doncaster.
(read about the other shopping trips here, here & here)
(this might be long... and picture heavy)
The night before the shopping trip Rachel and I went out dancing in Sheffield.
Can't go on public transport without doing a selfie!
On my lips that day I wore Urban Decay lipstick in AC/DC.
It's a double sided lipstick with a silver purple colour on one side and a deep plum colour on the other.

We went to Ed's diner first with her Mr man too, and it was SO delicious! Ed's diner has reignited my love for hotdogs!

Then we got to our hotel and commenced the pre drinks, dancing and listening to our favouritest bestest songs, which happens to be about 50 songs long.

Finally photo ready.

Stolen from Rachels IG

Strike a pose

I wore the Grazia Chiffon Neck Dress which I'm renaming the Rosie dress.
Rachel wore the Project D London ‘Buckingham’ Sequin Party Dress, which I am renaming the Rachel Dress.
Both are from the Simply Be Golden Renaissance Blogger Shoot.

We started out in Wick at Both Ends which does some phenomenal cocktails.

This is called a Zombie, it has many alcohols in it, is a poor life decision, but it has fire on it. 

We went to a few places and adopted some people (actually gatecrashed a bday) and ended up in the Walkabout for many a hour and many a dance.

 Making rad fat friends.

 Some social lubrication

 Many a drink was had, but more importantly, much dancing was done! MUCH dancing!
My feet were killing me by the end of the night, I WAS wearing brand new shoes, but they still needed to dance more so we seeked out the chavviest place and danced more.

Here is a cute as fuck blurry pic of Rachel in the middle of throwing out some moves!

And naturally I had a #dailyscowl selfie in the bathroom of a pub.

All in all, with the horrid burger at the end and the overtly sexual dancing from foreign men (who just DON'T understand the word NO), it was a good night.
With my trusty dance partner Rachel, nothing much could go wrong!

Classy gives leave prints
I can't wait for another instalment of Dancing Queens or as I like to tag it on instagram, #fatbabedancing.
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