3 Twist Top Knot - Video

Ok, so here it is, a video of my puff-tastic top knot that you ladies have been asking for.
((this is for the lovely tattoo'd lady on instagram))

Here is said top knot in action...

Quite a lot of ladies on Instagram have asked for a video of this amazing do, but its really so simple, its literally a triple twist and pin manoeuvre!
But I have obliged and created a video displaying how easy it is below...
A word of wisdom, its best done on dirty hair, I NEVER get a good top knot with fresh clean hair!
Here are some pictures of the top knot I created in the video.

See, EASY!!
(p.s. I am well aware of my delicious greys showing, no cares are given!)
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  1. Well done you. Love the grin at the end of the video. x

  2. What a fierce top knot. It looks really good ! :)

  3. YAAAAY! Thankyoooooou!!!
    It makes sense now.. Stupidly before I didn't know HOW to get the poofy lil bun :-D I'm gonna try this out and post my results on IG xXx :-*


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