Dancing Queens #2

Just a quick post about yet another night out dancing with my lady friend Rachel to celebrate her birthday!
(this post is an advert for many alcohols)

I wore my new AX Paris dress from Simply Be along with my Simply Be Boucel  Biker Jacket.

We went to Franky & Bennies for lunch and started with a jug of cocktails.

Then we went to Lloyds bar in town for many a glass of (weasel piss) wine, and chatting.

I picked up this New Look bag whilst we were out.

Then we hopped across the road to Yates and drank more drinks from Jugs.

After rushing around the bus station, getting drenched, and a very understanding taxi man, we ended up in West Street Live which admittedly does the best drink specials in Sheffield. 
The barman who served us was clearly on our wave length, I believe I asked for "the cheapest drink which contains the most amount of alcohol, preferably in jugs". We are a classy pair!

Many an hour was spent dancing to cheesy, but AMAZING music in West Street Live, and many  double vanilla vodka and cokes were consumed. As well as many attempted selfies in the toilets.
I braved the night without my jacket or cardigan because this dress needed showing off!


 Bathroom selfies as per usual!

We ended up in The Walkabout where we spent the rest of the night, and admittely I drank a (fuck) load of alcohol and TOO MANY £1 shots! I think 5 in a row is not very clever, specially when you do it each time you get the drinks. But when you get sent to the bar alone, what do you expect? 
(this explains my state at the end of the night Rachel)

 And of course, everyone knows that the best way to end a great night is with a half and half pizza, a rubicon and a selfie in the take away!

A big thank you has to be said to my dancing partner Rachel, but more importantly to Mr Rachel for tolerating my drunkness. It amused me to no end that for once I was the drunk one and Rachel was less drunk!

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  1. You were sooo funny! I love drunk Lisa :) I didn't even realise you took so many pics! Can't wait for the next time xx

  2. This sounds like an AWESOME night out! Love the most alcohol for the cheapest amount of money line. Classy birds fo lyfe! x


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