My Curves and Me Sculptresse

I was contacted recently on behalf of My Curves and Me, a discount plus size lingerie store.
They were very accommodating to my size requirements, and just generally nice and easy to deal with!
I got the bra in a 42F, and the knickers in a 26.

 They came neatly packed and on lovely hangers with the sizes on, that's handy!

I opted for the Scuptresse set.

The bra and knickers are made from the same material as you can see, its a lovely lacy floral print.

The bra is a non padded underwire t shirt bra. Its very comfortable and gives plenty support to my knockers.
The knickers are very comfortable. I often experience issues with knickers from matching sets, but these are perfect!

And just because I can, here's some action. You can see that the knickers are VERY generous since they cover my entire bum, and I DO have a rather large bum!
Take a look at My Curves and Me if you've not heard of them yet, they also do swimwear.
They have a twitter too.
Lets just not have any negative noonoo's on this post please.
I appreciate that not everyone has the confidence to post images of themselves in lingerie, but I do, so don't harp on about it ok?
This post is about the items, NOT my body!!
(because I know you concern trolls are just dying for me to post more for you to be concerned about)

**this item was gifted for review purposes**

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  1. Looks great! Nothing like new undies and bra to "perk" you right up! hah. Great color too.

  2. Dat ass! Looking good lady face! x


  4. Are you happy to be fat? Do not make me laugh goes! Among other things, you would be also nice if maybe you avoid naked photos, because I hate to tell you but you just can not afford it.

  5. Anonymous25/2/14

    Some people are just small-minded gits. I love how confident you are. You rock my frilly little socks!



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