Reds True BBQ Leeds

I previously did a post on this BBQ joint back in 2012, seen here

I have since been back to the Leeds Red's a few times, this is probably my 7th time back here in the last 2 years. (addicted maybe)

The menu has changed a bit over the past few months, it's still great quality, with a few yummy bits added on.

Here's a link to some pictures of their succulent delights.
If you don't believe me, believe the pictures!

The sauce's presentation has changed too, but the flavour was still there!

I chose a house-made Sweet Ice Tea made with real Yorkshire Tea!

And I also had a Chocolate Milkshake later on.

Bucket of Bones ... fitting for the meat-arian I am! 
This was 3 different kind of ribs, between the 3 of us we still bought a doggy bag home from this bucket.

My mains, I had the Texas Combo which is Texas bbq Pulled Pork and Texas Brisket. 
With slaw and pickles, skin on fries, an onion ring and pit beans.

The pit beans still have to be my favourite, what's honestly better than 2 kinds of beans, pulled pork, bbq sauce and burnt ends? NOTHING!

You can read their blog here.
Or follow their Twitter & Instagram, or follow the hashtag #therewillbemeat.

** I have not been paid to review this food joint, nor have I received free food from them, I just LOVE this place!**
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  1. Oh mah gawd. I must go there! x

  2. That looks sooo tasty and now you have me craving BBQ


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