Candy Hero Haul

Why does America have such better sweets than over here???

Well I popped into a Candy Hero whilst in York recently and dropped a few pennies purchasing some yummies. 

Here's what I got:

I can never go past an American sweet shop without getting myself a twinkie, they're my fave!

 I wanted to try Arizona Ice tea too because I wasn't sure really what the big deal about it was.
It's just Ice Tea! It's nothing special!
But new fave... Kool-Aid Jammers! They're Kool-Aid Caprisuns essentially! 
Had this at work and instantly had a better day!

Snyders .... Oh how I love thee!

Below is what I got for my mom n dad. 
JellyBelly for dad and Peanutbutter goods for mom. 

If you don't live in USA, whats your fave USA candy?
If you do, whats your fave UK candy?

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  1. Are you not able to get any of the above over there? :)

    1. No we dont get any of these here, only in specialised american candy stores!

  2. Ooh, good haul! I can never resist American goodies. We have a specialist sweet shop in my town now where I can get a lot of it, but I try not to go in too often! I love peanut butter M&Ms, Reese's, and basically just any peanut butter chocolate! Lol.

  3. Thanks for the blog. Nice haul. Snyder's Flavor Doubles are a staff staple at Candy Hero, I like to pick out the ranch bits and then 'generously' share round the rest of the packet!

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