Lush Haul

Recently I was out shopping with a friend and we popped into Lush for a quick look about and I ended up with a pretty decent haul!

Look at my beauties! 7 bags of joy!

Here's what I got:

I've used these before and I'm STILL amazed at how this makes bubbles! But, that being said, this bunch of carrots makes the best bubbles ever!

I actually got this massage bar for my mom, she uses the Hottie but isnt keen on the smell.
This one has more of a citrus smell which I know she prefers.

Again with a Citrus cent, this one I got for my dad. My dad loves taking baths and he loves ballistics, so this was naturally a good choice. The bomb itself is massive!

Its like the size of a baseball!

Im not gonna lie, I got this one cos it was glittery!

I got this one because IUm a fan of the carrots bubble bars so I wanted to see how this one compares.

I'd like to say I had a reason for buying this one, but I don't. Just cos flowers!

Space Girl
Again, I had no reason for this other than space! 

I used this one that evening in a nice hot bath, I was in the bath for almost 2 hours.

Space Girl in action.

Space Girl bath water.

And all of that for ONLY £26.35.
I was surprised, I didn't check the prices of them before I put them in my basket, I just got what I wanted so I was expecting it to be like £45/£50. 
So I'm impressed with this haul indeed!

What's your fave item from Lush?

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  1. Ooh great haul! I love Lush and it's been ages since I last went in and bought a basket of goodies. I love their citrus scents best. The carrots and glittery golden egg look amazing! My fave item is Mask of Magnaminty and also their eyeshadows/liners. They discountinued my favourite bath ballistic, Happy Pill. :(

  2. Isn't it so funny how when we use bath bombs we always pick it up mid-melt?! hahaha


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