Gob Stoppers Candy Haul

Yep, Im back with another American Sweet shop haul, well pretzel haul really.
I popped into the Gob Stoppers shop in Meadowhall to stock up on my favourite Pretzels from the good ol U S of A.

I picked up like 5 packs of the Jalapeno Snyders pretzels but you've seen them on the blog before so pics not included.

Here's what I got.

Look at all my swag!

As always, a trip to the American sweet shop isn't complete without a Twinkie! 
I also tried a drink Called Hawaiian Punch. It was not nice. But I always try the drinks in case something magnificent comes along!

Look at all these awesome flavours!
Even got sandwich ones, not the best but still, pretzel goodness!

Do you like any candy from abroad?
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  1. Not like Hawaiian Punch?! That stuff is a classic here in the states! :)

    1. It's like pure sugar. What's not to like?! ;-)


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