Graze Box Treats

After taking a break from Graze, I ordered a box as a treat, I knew there was a new box coming out soon and I wanted to get back into receiving these.

The Graze boxes have come a long way since I first subscribed. 
They have changed the boxes a little bit, but definitely for the better. 
Specially quirky little notes like this one so you don't spill everything when you open it.

Here's what my lovely box looked like.
It came with the usual nutrition info leaflet which has 4 friend codes.

Clearly this box was MADE FOR ME, fabulous fats!


I had 3 of these boxes today whilst watching tv, tumbling on tumblr and writing another post.
The Heart Healthy Nuts I gave to my dad as it contained peanuts which I don't eat.

I am particularly excited for the new Breakfast boxes to come! I have mine set for after payday, I cant wait to see what treats it will hold. 
I'm still going to have my regular Nibble box, but might do a breakfast box every few weeks or so.

Doesn't the new Breakfast box look lovely?

If you want to get a free box, go online to and use the code LISAP69LP.
You'll get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free.

Do you subscribe to any of the Graze boxes?
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  1. I've not had a Graze box for ages, but their flapjacks are especially amazing!

  2. Yum the pina colada looks nice.


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