That 99p Dress - OOTD

Remember when we all went mad for those 99p dresses from Yours?
I certainly did get myself on that bandwagon, I just haven't really had any need to wear this dress.
Originally I had wanted to get the polka dot one but then I decided to get something I wouldn't normally buy. 
For 99p I think I could allow myself the frivolity!

Well here's my 99p dress OOTD.

Dress - Yours
Jacket - New Look
Pumps - New Look
Bag - Primark

This dress is in a 26, and it's still pretty clingy. I don't mind showing my lumps and bumps but I can imagine some other not so confident ladies would not like this element of the dress at all. You can literally see where my knickers are pulled up to through the material, not most ideal at all. But que sera sera and all that eh! 

I decided to keep an all black theme for this outfit to let the dress speak for itself. 

 I do love the dress, it's short and tight and has shiny bits on, but I don't think it is quite worth the actual price of £60.00. 
The jewels on the dress feel cheap and well, the stitching is questionable too.

Did you get one of the 99p dresses??

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  1. you're really courageous what is always appreciated . Stay strong, you're amazing <3

  2. Anonymous14/5/14

    You look amazing, and your hair... oh your hair xxx

  3. Oh wow you look amazing, I did order one f the 99p dresses the polka dot one and I wish I choose another one, I have already sold that one, didn't like the length and it was too big luckily only p a I'd 99p plus postage like u xx


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