Manchester Adventures

A few Thursdays ago my friend Daisy of TheCutieBeautyBlog and I went to Manchester for a day trip. We just hopped on a train in the morning and popped back home after much walking and schmoozing about. 
We did this 2 months ago, we went to York for the day, seen here.

As per usual, I got myself a train ride essential, a blended coffee and caramel frappuccino with cream.

We started off in the Arndale Centre, we popped into a few shops for a nosey around, I bought a necklace for someone at work (her birthday gift from our team) and found a cute pair of floral trainers from New Look which I changed into right away. My feet were rubbing as I'd removed the inner sole of my one shoes just before I left home. Stupid move. 

How cute are they though! And a steal at £12.99 only. 

I took the plunge and tried on a flower crown or three. I think I might like them. Never really thought I'd be admitting that but I reckon I pull it off, no?!

I definitely think a bigger fuller flower crown suits me. 

Flower Crown twinsies.

Whilst in the centre I got myself a Peach Iced Tea made from green tea and peach juice, and added Lychee Jellys to it. I've had bubble tea before and loved the tapioca balls in that but I've never had jelly bits in a bubble tea so decided to try the Jellys. It was lovely. The lychee flavour was very strong and complimented the peach. 

After that we made our way to the interchange and got a free bus to the Museum of Science and Industry. 

Bus Wankers.

The Museum was awesome! There was so much to see and do.
We probably could have spent longer there!

There was a Selfie Wall which naturally we had to get our mugs onto!

I literally will selfie at any time, using any reflective surface! Even if it contains a skeleton!

By the end of our Museum trip it was getting later and we weren't going to be able to fit in the Manchester Museum so we decided to mill about Manchester some more. 

Manchester is such an awesome place, I love the streets here, theres always something interesting round every corner!

We went into a few vintage/retro and boutique stores, just for a look about. 
There were so many cute things I wanted to get.

Just look at that cat hanger, I mean, just look at it! And how cute is that puppy in a bowtie print shirt?

I found a pair of hideously large  sunnies, and Im so sad I didn't purchase them. They actually look pretty rad on!
Daisy tried on a smaller pair too.

We finished off the day with a quick bite to eat at a cafe in the train station. I had a Fajita Spicy Chicken panini which was to die for. It tasted so good, and was just what the doctor ordered. We were both so happy to be off our feet! 

Sadly the train was a bit late so I missed my train home and had to get the bus. Daisy had to wait till just past the hour to get her train too so we nipped into M&S where I bought a lovely bunch of Yellow and White roses for my mum and a nice tin of biccys for my dad. 

I'm looking forward to our next trip, we just have to decide where!

Have you been on a roadtrip recently? Where did you go?
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