Firmoo Glasses

Sunglasses... Does anyone else hate shopping for them?
I do!! I go to plenty different and try one every pair I can find but I'm never quite satisfied, and end up going back to the same pair of haggard sunnies I've had for years.
So when the kind folk at Firmoo contacted me, I was overjoyed.

Firmoo is an online glasses company which has become quite popular in recent years, specially with their first pair free thing they got going.

Now it's quite obvious that I don't wear prescription glasses, so I was even more happy to see that the link in their email directed me to their sunglasses section.
(it was clear that they did actually look through my blog before contacting me)

I uploaded my photo to the site and tried a few different glasses to see how they would fit my face.
(admittedly I didn't follow the specifications for the photo and it still worked)

After seeing them on my face in the picture I was torn between 3 of them. 
Below are the ones I had to say no to, but I think after this great experience, I may go back and buy them.
Can you see a trend?

When I finally placed my order it was such a quick and easy transaction.
I was expecting to wait about 3-4 weeks for them as they're being sent from China, but they came so quickly! It could only have been about a week and a half.

These are the ones I picked up, they have a brown tint to the lenses and the frames have an animal print/tortoise shell print.

They came wonderfully packaged in this glasses case which has a map print on it and the companies logo embossed on the top.
The logo is very subtle and looks really good on the case, it's not big and noticeable which I find is a nice touch!

Below are just some pictures of the case and how the glasses were presented.

I really am so happy with the glasses. I think they fit my face well, the size is good and the quality is just amazing.

So how do they look on....

I am super happy with these and they'll be my new go to sunnies.

I must also add that my contact at Firmoo was really great, she put my mind at ease and was a pleasure to talk to. The customer services is fantastic!

Firmoo now has a dedicated UK site, www.firmoo.co.uk.

Have you ever ordered from this site? 

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  1. Wow! I love your new sunglasses! ♥

  2. They're really cute! x x

  3. I love these, they look good on you x

  4. I need some prescription sunnies desperately ! Xx

  5. I love these sunglasses. They're fabulous!

    Ps. I found your blog from google when searching crop tops and ended up to your post with denim (?) crop top and dotty leggins. I have to say I really admire your self confidence. I'm size 8 and I never dare to go out in a crop top. I'm conscious about it even at home when mum and dad are the only ones to see me. Can i borrow your self confidence for the summer? xD
    I'm melting in summer because I don't have the confidence to go out unless my belly, back and bum are covered well and I wear my raven black hair (down to my bum) open because I have a slightly misshapen ear. Sorry about any possible mistakes, I'm from Finland. :D


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