Velvet Polkadots - OOTD

Just a quick one today.

I wore this to work a few weeks ago but just never got round to putting the pictures up because I have been really lazy and so not motivated to blog.
But I'm on a roll now, so here is what I wore.
I promise I don't always have Bitch face like this!

I love this top, I wore it HERE.

Lipstick is Black Heart by Make Up Revolution

What I Wore:
Skirt - Simply Be
Shirt - Simply Be
Leggings - New Look
Belt - New Look
Pumps - New Look

I picked these pumps up for a night out with Rachel a long time ago and never wore them again, think they were perfect for this get up!

This necklace is a total lucky find. I picked it up at the recent clothing swap, I saw it sparkling as someone put it down and was like a moth to a flame, I HAD to have it! It's that hideousness I love!

Here's my OOTD at work. 
Because I'm a classy girl, I take selfies in the lav's with a mug of tea =D

Do you have one piece of jewellery that's vile but you love it?

(please excuse that this is shot in my kitchen)

 photo IMG_6256_zpsee3fe7f3.jpg


  1. Love it. That skirt looks mad cute with your hair!! Loving the necklace too <3 x

  2. I love this outfit, especially the skirt. x

  3. REALLY like this on you!!!

  4. The necklace is awesome. :)


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