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I have found myself trawling eBay for all sorts of things recently, I often start out just innocently looking for something and end up adding a million things to my basket.
(and never buying them)

Here's a look at my most lusted for items:

These are so friggin cute, I was looking for a Pusheen The Cat cushion for a friend and stumbled upon these amazing cat face cushions. They're a fiver odd each and quite large. I specially like the dopey white cat face.

These I found when I was looking for a flower garland for my hair, I love a full flower crown but never know how to wear them, so this version where its part of a head band would work for me. I can see me wearing them on my Summer Holiday with a cute maxi dress and sandals.

Statement Necklaces 
These are something I often search for. I am not so much a fan of nice pretty dainty necklaces, I like biog chunky badboys and ebay is awash with them. These were all under a fiver. Can you really go wrong??

Phone Cases

Phone case... I have a love affair with these! I buy so many because I lose them all the time. So naturally I look for cheap ones which I'm not gonna be sad about if they were to disappear. 
ebay has some gems when it comes to phone cases, and if you're willing to wait 3 weeks for Chinese post, you could be in for a treat!

Whats in your ebay basket?

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  1. Those cat cushions are amazing! Love the smiley one on the bottom left especially xx



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