A Birthday Bonanza

So a few weekends ago it was my 27th birthday and I decided to make an entire weekend of it!
I toddled down to Rachels house on Thurday night to start my weekend off. 
We had to leave early on Friday morning since Brett, Mr Rachel, was driving us all the way there.

Before you go any further ... I warn you now, this post is SUPREMELY PICTURE HEAVY.


I was lucky that it was a nice weekend, it was warm and sunny.
(and lucky the hotel had air con)

After we got to Blackpool and had got our stuff, we had some lunch and a walk on the promenade for a family selfie :)

aren't we cuties!?

We checked into the hotel which was nice. It had the best air con I have ever experienced in a hotel, it got used VERY well.
The room was super bright and cheerful.

We cracked open a bottle of sparkly pink stuff from Rachels mom, it was actually quite nice!

After that we went for another walk along the promenade, we got slushies and ice cream.
We giggled at a silly man who spat at a sea gull, only to be scared by another sea gull. 


How gorgeous is that sunset, just stunning!

It was time to get back to the hotel to get our drink on.

Hello Kitty cups, like classy birds!

Cheers to me!

 After much drink, hair spray and eyelash glue, our faces were on we were ready to go...
...but first let me take a selfie!!!

A million selfies later and we're ready to hit the town.

We had to get a bottle of weasel piss to share, its a drinking tradition.
One which we really need to stop, cos this was particularly vile!

After this there was really no time for any more pictures, unless they were selfies at the bar or selfies with new friends. 

We danced and danced and danced till we couldnt dance no more, these guys definitely danced hard!

After throwing some shaped around, blue shots and apparently kissing strange men, not my finest hour, we ended with us giggling in the take away and Rachel DEMANDING that someone feed her.

(here's a fun secret, at about 4am, I found myself outside our hotel door, in JUST a thong, banging on the door because I managed to lock myself out...oops)

Saturday Morning, I am officially 27!
 Look at this babely necklace Rachel and Brett got me from Black Heart Creatives
We had a lazy morning the next day, went for some much needed breakfast, I scoffed it all down so fast!
We spent time curled up under the covers watching tv, napping and laughing at the night before.

Then we decided to get up and go for a stroll around town and buy some rock and fudge. 
We also got some lunch and more donuts.

I also purchased myself a snowglobe, because you have to!
(and cos I have a massive snowglobe collection and this one was a perfect  addition)

It even lights up :)

Then it was time for more slap, dress decisions and eyelashes.

Look at all that cuteness...how do you even cope?

We were both feeling rather rough and agreed we were going to take it easy, but then we found a bar that did 5 J├Ągerbombs for a cheap cheap so we went in and proceeded to have 3 rounds of this. 
I'm gonna be honest here... we were royally drunk!

From there, its all just dancing, more blue shots and apparently being a friggin insatiable babe. Apparently kissing one man for my birthday wasnt enough, no I needed 3. 
Oh well, I'm 27, if not now, when eh?!?!!?

The night wouldnt be complete without a few drunken selfies!

They were both such great nights, I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Next morning we had a greasy breakfast and made our way back home to Sheffield.
I had a bad case of the alcohol shakes.

 Hung over car selfie.

I continued my birthday celebrations by going to a work do, it was 80's themed.
Myself and Daisy went to a collegues house for pre drinks with our team.

Rocking a side pony for 80's realness!

 My home made tutu... isnt it the cutest!

My look was a mixture of 80's neon and punk and Lisa!

 Everyone drinks from a pineapple right?

Daisy and I just being babes!

There was just so much shenanigans going on, more J├Ągerbombs, bathroom floods, many selfies, many snapchats and more dancing!


Ol Ollie Dog posing pretty.

They had a photo booth in the clud, but the timer was like 2 seconds per pic so there was barely enough time to get different props. Plus we were drunk by this point already so we just made a mess!
But a fun mess at that!

As soon as we got to the dancefloor, Oliver really shined! I've never seen a man so enthusiastic about dancing!

It was a funny ol night I can tell you that much!
I got up super early, well 6am and toddled off home for much needed sleep and a relaxing week off. 

Naturally I took a selfie in the Train Station mirror wall.

That was it, my massive 5 day birthday celebrations!
Thanks to everyone who was involved in making it magical!

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  1. Amazing... so fun, you two gals look stunning! What a birthday...!
    These pictures just reminded me a lot of my year in Manchester and the nights out back then... <3 Thanks for sharing.

  2. I had the best time and I'm glad you did too :) xx


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