Ebay Wishlist #2

Well I've been at it again, I've been noseying about on the ol eBay.
Here's what Ive been after this week.
Stargazer Lipstick
I was looking for a neon orange lippy and this popped up. I used to always use Stargazer back in my goff days, they had awesome bright nail varnish and black lipstick. But I'd never used any other colour lipstick, so I'm giving them a go again!

Now I'd usually pop into my local Superdrug to buy Barry M, mainly because its instant purchase and I can build up points on my card, but I have been struggling to find the colours I want.
I have the pink in the texture colours so I wanted the rest but they seem to sell out pretty fast so online I popped to get the rest!

Now even though I cant for the life of me put them on, I DO have a fave false lash brand, Ardell is the one for me. My friend from the states sent me a pair a while back and they were just perfect and you cant seem to get these in store anywhere so I knew I'd have to take to ebay to get my fix. 

Ebay is great for cheap rings, if you're willing to get green finger.
I like to buy in bulk with rings because paying p&p for one seems a crime! These are great at under a quid per ring.
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