Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes

I was asked a little while ago by the lovely folks over at BakerDays if I'd like to try one of their cakes... NATURALLY I said yes!
Fat girls love cake right! But really, who could say no to a cake coming through their letterbox/slot!?!
I got it through the door one day after work and I was so excited to open it!
It came in a lovely tin, nice and secure inside a box small enough to fit through the mail slot in the door.
BakerDays is an online service which provides cakes of different size for delivery, also cupcakes.
You can pick different themes and even get specific designs on them.
I chose a spooky Halloween cake.
The cake is kept fresh and has an instruction tab on how to get the cake out the tin.
The box the cake comes in had a selection of flyers about the company, the cake tin, a card and some balloons!
Now onto the most important bit... how did it taste?
In a word, DELICIOUS!
I didn't know what to expect but I was really surprised.
The cake I had was nice and chocolatey, wasn't too dry and crumbly and the icing was yummy too!
This cake served 3 pieces between myself, mom and dad, but realistically it could have served 8.
I absolutely love this cake, Im going to order 2 halloweeny cakes for a halloween night at Daisy's place!
Thanks Bakerdays for sending a fat bird cake in the post, made my day!

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  1. mmm cake and Halloween cake makes it even better. Awesome that they do a letterbox service! x


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