Lincoln Christmas Market

Oops, has it really been 2 months since I last posted?
I have been a little uninspired recently, and always said that I don't want to force myself to blog, I want it to be a natural process. 

But I've picked myself up again and Im bringing you a lovely post about the wonderful Lincoln Christmas Market which I went to on Friday last week with Daisy and Amy.

Amy picked us up at 10ish in the morning and we drove our merry way towards Lincoln, there were many giggles and questions about Amy's music choices.
We got to the park and ride and got our tickets, the bus ride was really short so we were at the Market in no time. 

Lincoln Cathedral

After a quick pit stop for wee's and cash, we made our way into the Castle where we all got German Hotdogs, I had a Bockwurst, they're my fave. We got a cuppa mulled wine too to start off the whole experience, it was a pretty wine'y wine too. 

After trawling through loadsa stalls, we came upon a pickle man, I couldnt resist and got myself 5 jars of pickle. Ive already cracked into two of them, they're so tasty!
I also picked up 4 cheese bombs from the cheese man and ALOT of fudge from the fudge man.
(all the stalls are being named by what I purchased from them)

We ambled around and popped into a pub for a pint and to relax our feet.

We all got our pictures taken with some Owls, even got a polaroid picture after. 

We looked at many crafty tents and stalls, my fave was the Bauble'arium!

Trying on headbands.


 The Lincoln Eye.

Christmas tree outside the Cathedral.

We ended our day with a giant hog roast sandwich which was most delicious!
I love the Christmas markets, and Lincoln never disappoints. 
A super fun day was had indeed. 

Do you go to christmas markets? Which ones your fave?

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  1. I wondered where the hell you'd been! I love little German Christmas markets with the cute wooden huts. xx


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