Wrapped in pink - OOTD

I bought this dress forever ago from New Look but hadnt worn it all too often.
I debuted it first on my birthday in July...

So I decided to give it an outing to work to brighten everyones day up.

On my lips is a lip liner from Barry M in colour #113. It's my current go to colour for barbie pink lips.
And with this dress and my hair looking so bright, barbie lips were just the cherry ontop of a great outfit day!

I wore my fave necklace from Simply Be to give it some shiny magpie sparklyness.
My cardigan is from Tesco via Rachel. 
And my bag is from Simply Be too.
I later added some sequin'y fish scale nail varnish from Essence called Million Dollar Baby
I do so love this top coat. I wore it with 3 coats on its own because its just so fricking cool!
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