What can I get for a tenner?

I took a leaf out of Daisy's book and decided to peruse the isles of Superdrug one night after work and set my mind at a £10.00 budget. 
(hop on over to her blog, linked above, to see how well she does "wcigfat")

I had a look about at a few items but was ultimately drawn to the end of the isle where the stand for Make Up Revolution was located.
Because its a new store, the section was nearly untouched.

Here's my little Make Up Revolution haul:

lipsticks // eye shadows // nail varnish // blush // highlighter 

Im pretty impressed that I got so much for a mere £10.00.
But I must admit, I have used these items many times in the last 2 weeks, specially the highlight.

Have you bought anything from Make Up Revolution?


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