Beauty Wishlist #7

With all these eBay wishlists, it got me thinking about my current beauty wants.

So here's what I'm currently coveting:

EOS lipbalm // Babylips // Eyelure Lashes
Smoky Poppy Bodyshop // Real Techniques Brushes // Essie Nail Polish
Thierry Mugler Angel // Kate Moss Lipstick

I have had a few EOS lip balms, but I'd love to stock up and have one of every bag, purse and coat I own. They're handy and pretty durable. Plus the lip balms not only feel amazingly nourishing on your lips, they smell delicious too!

The same goes for Maybelline Babylips lipbalm, easy to just chuck in your purse/bag or coat pocket and the tinted ones are good if you don't wanna put on lipstick. I specially use them in the winter when my lips need care but I still want colour on them.
They also have some nice scents, specially the Pink Punch one, which is has a peachy smell and is the best barbie pink colour!

I really enjoy a BOLD perfume so this Thierry Mugler Angel dinky is perfect for me. I always get compliments when I wear this or Alien.

What's on your beauty wants list?

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