A VERY Lush Wishlist

So you may or may not know that I am a fan of Lush.
As I said in a previous post, I adore a nice long hot bath with all the stuffs in, bath bombs, bubble bars, oils soaps.

Here's my current Lush wants:

Rose Jam //  Ice Blue // Each Peach (two's a pair) // Granny Takes a Dip
It Started with a Kiss // Phoenix Rising // Bubblegum // Curly Wurly
Rose // Secret Garden // Glamorous Lipstick

Some of these are items I've not yet tried, some are old fave's.
I particularly LOVE Each Peach massage bar, It's got a great scent and is nice and soft, I love how the oils are activated by the warmth of your hands, this is particularly good to use after shaving my legs to keep them soft and nourished.
Another I adore is the Rose bubble bar. It's got a very delicate scent and is super easy to crumble under running water.

Do you have this same obsession with Lush as I do or are you not a fan?

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  1. I'm absolutely obsessed with Lush! I recently replaced almost every cosmetic with Lush... And it's awesome!


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