And She Wore Pink - OOTD

Another work OOTD's for ya. 
I have been doing loadsa overtime recently so when I decide what to wear to work, it has to be something I am going to be comfortable in all day.

This dipped hem top is perfect for the long haul. It's comfy and fits just right. Its light enough to wear on its own but still covers everywhere that I want it to.

What I Wore:
Dip Hem Top - Yours Clothing
Jeans - Simply Be
Blazer - Simply Be
Pumps - Primark
Necklace - Simply Be

The sleeves on this top come to my elbow, so it's perfect for those summer days and enough coverage that I wont need to pack a cardigan for night time. 

The pumps I'm wearing are my trustee Primark £4 bargains. ANY time I go to Primark I stock up on these because they don't last that long and at £4, I don't mind that. They're super comfy and work a treat.

This bad boy tan bag is from Primark. It's not the normal type of bag I'd have gone for as it hasnt got a cross the body strap, but I really needed a new hold all bag and this one just jumped out at me.
I'm glad I got it because its actually been a life saver recently!

The bag has a detachable laptop/tablet clutch which actually has been really awesome as a separate clutch all on its own.

And for £9.99 + discount from MVC can you really argue? Nope! Plus I always find Primark bags to have a LOOOOOONG life!

My face again has been a very simple mixture of tinted moisturiser, powder, mascara and lipstick.  
I'm trying to keep my face quite natural whilst we transition into summer so that when it does come to those hot days I can get away with just mascara and lippy, no face coverage. 
Does this look work?

Below you can see the necklace better. It's a two tier "gold" chain with two blue stone pendants. 
I've gotten SO many compliments from it!

I really am loving these style tops from Yours.

Do you like this style?
I think come payday I will be purchasing one in every colour!

 photo 12_zpsiexl6lgv.jpg
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  1. Your skin looks nice!

  2. Pretty in pink! I really want the dip hem top in lime. It'll look nice if I pick up a tan. xx

  3. Love your hair color!, I really want to dye my hair purple once it's grown abit, plus love the bag!!! xxx

  4. Love your hair color!, I really want to dye my hair purple once it's grown abit, plus love the bag!!! xxx


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