Recent Acquirements/Haul

I've purchased quite a few treats over the month of April for myself (and sometimes others), so I decided to share with you lovely lot.

I went to the American Candy store GobStoppers recently, I cant walk past it without popping in!

I got myself some treats and tried some "special" water that Rachel always raves on about.

I decided to try Fiji Water since Rachel can't stop singing its praises!
One was not impressed, I'll stick to good ol Yorkshire water ta. It's much sweeter and thirst quenching, and best of all... FREE. We like owt for nowt here in God's own land!

I got some m&m's for my mum and dad as they love them.
I also got a peanut butter pack but they munched them in the car. 

I got myself the only remaining Snyders Pretzels in the shop. I literally could eat these all day, every day, FOREVER!

As there were only two packs of Snyders I decided to try something different. 
Combo's seemed a great I dead, a pretzel filled with savoury filling... NOPE. 
Not a fan! But I'd never have known unless I tried.

This was my treat for the car ride home, a candy floss flavour lollipop. Or sucker as we call it back in South Africa. 

Next I popped into a Ye Olde Sweet Shop in Doncaster.

I got some Coconut Ice, Fudge, Hard Gummy Fruits, Coconut Clusters, Toffee Lollipops and Bonfire Lollies. 
Bonfire lollies are probably my most favourite item ever here in England, they're probably the best invention, like ever!

Still in Doncaster I popped into Thorntons, I don't like most of their chocolates, but I do LOVE their Special toffee.
Whenever people from UK came to visit us in SA, they'd bring this for us, Id often spend an entire afternoon eating a whole bag to myself and falling into a jaw locked coma. 

Next Lot of treats came from my visit with Rachel and Brett to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

How cute is the Cat chocolate Rachel got me, clearly great minds think alike as I got the same on too!
I got my mum the bag of coconut marshmallows, she loves these.
And for my dad I got the nougat. 
Then for moi I got a box of Macarons and some Salted Caramel chocolate. 

Finally, when I got home from the weekend away with Rachel, my mom gave me these Solid Perfumes from M&S.
They're from a brand called Fragonard. It's a French Perfumery which she visited once. 

These are great for summer as they're not too heavily scented.

What have you been buying recently?

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