Dancing Queens #4

A few weekends Rachel and I went back to our old stamping ground in Sheffiled for a good ol knees up. 
For once I actually took pics of what I was wearing as I had to leave home fairly early and didn't want to have to lug around anything in town and then have to lock it in a locker so I pretty much went out in full "night out" gear and make up. 
No fucks were given at all!
On my lips was a lippy Rachel got me, it's one of those Hello Kitty ones. 
I used Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner on my eyes. 
My cheeks have MUA Blusher on in Shade 4. It's a light peachy tone, a bargain at just £1.00.
To commemorate old times, I topknotted my hair!
It was a glorious time being able to make this big poofy beauty of a mess ontop of my head!
(grow faster hair, grow)
What I Wore:
AX Paris Floral Swing Dress
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Pumps - Primark
Bag - Simply Be
Im loving this swing dress right now! 
Rachel wore the dark floral version, we were like twinsies. She was the dark side and I was the light side...
This dress is made of a waffle type material so it had plenty of room for my ample body and bosom. 
I'm not gonna lie, I fancy myself a lot in this outfit. It's cute!
We met in Yates where we started with Weasel Piss Rose wine to get the engines running.

3 bottles and a plate of food down and we were ready for the night. 
We always like to get this booth section upstairs as its away from people but also cos we can listen to gossip from other tables and its got a plug to charge your phones in, and Lisa always brings her charger!

Classy bitches leave lip stains!

We decided to go onto some blue drinks since we were sufficiently giddy.

Look at all that mermaid coloured hair goodness!
Down the hatchet in one =D

I was admiring Rachels many rings and beautiful nails.

Left my phone when I went to the loo's and came back to a few selfies from Rachel, standard!
Isn't she a stunner!?!!

It was getting to the time we were gonna be meeting Daisy and her friends, so naturally we had to do a selfie of our twins'ing dresses.
We lashed up and met the other girls. 

After more blue alcohols, we ventured over to West Street Live.

There was a band on and one of the band dudes did this amazing photo bomb... I'm more pleased with him than the actual photo!

I bumped into Rebecca and her friend.

I did that thing again where I buy secret shots... don't think Rachel knew this time, I didnt suddenly dash to the loo's at all.

I enjoyed the bearded man in this sticker in the girls toilets in West Street Live.

After this we went to Walk About and after making a B Line for the loo's we danced the night away, then went into PopWorld to finish the night off with.
As always I had a super night with my dancing partner and can't wait for the next Dancing Queens!
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  1. Seriously love your night out documentation!!! So makes me wanna be a dancing queen again...
    xx Vicky


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