Taffy Mail - April Box

A few weeks ago Daisy and I were looking at different subscriptions boxes to try, she decided on Birch box and I decided to try Taffy Mail.
(link to her Birch Box post HERE)

I was very excited when the mail man handed me this package. 
The box itself comes with a big stamp over the front of it quoting "Your Favourite Piece OF Mail". And I can assure you, it WAS my fave bit of mail that day. 

I had already removed the address stickers on the box, so I was left with this awesome box which Im going to use to send stuff abroad to friends in USA.

The box came nicely packed with coupons and info packs.
It didnt include information on the items inside like some subscription boxes do, and I like that because I often read the info bits first and then am not surprised by the contents.

Straight away I was super excited just for the vanilla coke, I know we get it here but I just adore vanilla coke. So already this box is a win for me!
And the Kool Aid as well made me really happy because in all honesty, I am not a fan of cordial we have in this country.
(my parents are in South Africa now and Ive got a shopping list of about 6 bottles of grape cordial from back home)

In total I got 13 items, which makes me really happy as the "original" box quotes having 10 items.
So already I have made my money back on this little box.
On my purchases in American Candy stores I often spend about £30 each time, to get the same amount of items so for just £12.99 and even £15.00 at full price, I think this box is well worth it!

Here's what I got:

vanilla coke // big hunk taffy bar // airheads sour rope // hershey's krackel bar

peanut butter cookie dough bites // wonka shockers // clark peanut butter bar

chocolate pop rocks // tropical punch kool aid // hershy's mini bar // krackel mini bar // airheads single sour candy // tootsie pop lollipop

I am so happy with this box, I got it on a discount, which you can use too. 
If you use the code BESTIE15 you can get 15% off your first box. 

What do you think of this TaffyMail box? 
Do you like sweet boxes or are you a firm beauty box fan?

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  1. Oh my! This looks amazing! Just my kinda thing! :)


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