Weekend in Floral - OOTD

This is just a quick one from last weekend.

It started off as a nice sunny Saturday morning. I was kinda hoping the sun would be in full forth today but sadly not.
We went to a local CafĂ© for some breakfast before heading into town for a spot of birthday shopping and last minute items for my parents holiday.

What I Wore:
Leggings - Sainsburys
Shawl - Simply Be
Pumps - Primark

I've been enjoying doing this style with my hair as its very effortless and keeps my hair off my face.
I am still trying to topknot it where I can but it's an effort as I have to wear a million and 3 bobby pins in the back of my head to keep all the short wispy bits down.

Just have mascara and lip stain on my face.
And my god check those roots! Hairdye club soon I think!

I popped a cardi in my bag too because it didnt seem to be promising a warm evening and I was going to be getting home by myself this night since my folks are away for a week. And boy am I glad I did, I put the cardi on as soon as I got on the bus cos it was freeeeezing!

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