Blog Every Day in June - A blogger challenge

After some talk on various social media outlets, I have decided to create a blogger challenge for June for myself and whoever wants to join in.
I did this sort of thing last year and enjoy the challenge of trying to keep up and get one post out per day.

So to allow for preparation I have decided to do a list of things that I wanna see on my blog
(this is my own list and people are welcome to use my format or totally change it and do their own thing)

behind your blog name // ootd // my make up must haves // wishlist // blogroll, your fave bloggers

fave nail products // a haul // fave quote & why // summer essentials // 5 beauty secrets

whats in ur bag // ootd // 13 things that make you happy // fave pic of yourself & why // day in ur life

mid month lust list // top 5 apps & why // throwback thursday  // a letter to your (wobbly) bits // ootd

silent sunday, a pic no words // subscription unboxing/wishlist // fave summer lippys // eBay bargains // share some life lessons

#selfie // goals for next 6 months // fave ootd's of the june // payday treats // IG/photo roundup

 I feel like this is a great way to keep my blog active and up to date. 

I often set myself personal challenges to get certain things written up and scheduled but always end up stopping id way, so I figured if I made it a public thing, people could take part too, and that would encourage me to keep going.

 Are you going to take part?

Use the hashtag #blogeverydayjune on social media to share with everyone

Check out the others taking part: 
Daisy // Charley // Sarah // Tukru // Lauren // Kathryn // Kelly // Nikki

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  1. Oooohhhh! I totally want in on this! You should post this list on the facebook group. I might steal some ideas and change up some of the ones that don't suit me/add some youtube days. LOVE IT.

  2. I will so be participating in this! I feel like I've been slacking lately and this is just the type of thing I need to get me back on track!

  3. im doing it! just posted about it in my blog and all :D

  4. I've got some posts lined up and ready to go, let's see if I can stick this out!


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