Wingz of an Angel - OOTD

The lovely folk over at Wingz offered to send me one of their clever little doodars to try out. 

What are Wingz you ask?

Well, they're basically arm coverage. 
You pull it on like a normal top, and the band sits under your bust and then your arms go through the sleeves as normal. Then just pop on a sleeveless dress/top and you dont have to worry about arm fat or wearing a cardigan/shrug.

I chose the full length Wingz because I wanted to be able to fully cover my arms, or roll the sleeves up if needed. 

The Wingz are made of a standard thick cotton and they kept me warm enough without needing a cardi or my blazer.

As the title suggests, this is still an OOTD so here's the normal format.

What I Wore:
Dress - A X Paris via Simply Be
Leggings - New Look
Pumps - Primark

Here's the dress without the Wingz. It's a lovely dress on its own, but it was a chilly day
I also have that bit of arm fat that sometimes makes me a tiny bit self concious so the Wingz help to hide that in an effective way whilst still allowing me to wear pretty clothing.

As per usual, here's my face for the day.

Have you tried Wingz yet??

** this product was sent to me to review, all words and opinions are my own**

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