Blog Every Day in June #3 - Make Up Must Haves

Today's post is about Make Up Must Haves... I really could have a never ending list of "must haves" but I have narrowed it down to a few items I simply would not be able to do without.

My make up bag will always have some form of moisturiser/lotion in it. I prefer Nivea or The Body Shop pomegranate anti ageing cream. If I had to lose everything and only have one item, it would be moisturiser. 
It has endless uses, I like to use a moisturiser before I go to sleep so my face feels nice and soft the next day, I use it on my hands, feet, lips. I sometimes, after a long days work, use moisruriser as a make up remover, just rub it on my face and spend like 5 mins rubbing it in and then wash it off. 
I definitely would not be able to live without a little bottle/tub of lotion!

My next item I think is great to have as an essential is a lip balm, specially in winter. I ALWAYS put on lip balm before anything else goes on my lips. 
Every day after I have brushed my teeth, I brush my lips with my toothbrush, it brings the blood to the lips and leaves my lips feeling soft and luscious, after that I whack on loadsa lip balm.
Lip balm also works as an eye primer for shadow if you have no actual primer.

Speaking of primers, my next must have is a good primer. 
I was introduced to the L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer by Rachel. And Im so glad I was. I always have a pot of this primer in my make up bag. It smooths my skin so well and goes on a charm.

Next step would be face stuff and I chose BB creams for my face.
For a very long time I wore foundation on my face until about 3 years ago when I went through a mass try out of all the BB creams I could find and it ended up being the pricer one that really worked well for me and I have stuck to it ever since then. 
Though recently I have been trying not to rely on a tinted moisturiser/bb cream.
Moving onto powder, I do not use powder which is coloured, I use a translucent powder just to set whatever liquid stuffs I have on. I just use this to get rid of shine on my face.

The next item I feel is really important... Mascara.
It can take a tired looking face and turn it into a sorta semi human face. 
On a day where I don't do any make up at all, I will still use mascara as it brightens up your eyes.

Finally, a red lipstick! 
NO make up bag should go without one of these. 
A STRONG BOLD red is needed!
What's your essentials?

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