Leeds Pride 2015

A few weeks ago I went to Leeds for Leeds Pride.
I used to go all the time in previous years but since I moved to Sheffield, I always seem to miss it.
This year I made sure I was off and ready to party!

I wore a simple skater dress from New Look. 
It was hot so I didn't wear a jacket or card, though I took a waterproof mac with as it was supposed to rain.

Train ride essentials.
(plus a coffee caramel frappe)

Leeds, I am here!

I met Rachel at the train station and we hopped in a cab to the Millenium Square where the main event had begun.

Colourful people. 

I am not sure Leeds was quite prepared for us, but we certainly painted it all the colours of the rainbow! 


We even got a pic with Spidey!

I think is possibly the best picture of Rachel and I, EVER!

I bumped into the dapper dude, he was lovely and so chatty!

Much outdoor dancing was had.  

Then it was time to dance and from then...... well.... I really can not remember much.

I know this was in the queue for the drinks in the Viaduct.
But thats about it.

And just look at this charmer!

Rachel has told me a few things, which I don't recall. Usually she is the more intoxicated one.
All I know is that I had a great time!

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