Taffy Mail - August

I had stopped my Taffy Mail subscription for a short time but got a great surprise in the post recently.

It was a huge Taffy Mail box which Id won for posting a picture of my previous Taffy Mail box on Instagram. (seen below)

I was not told I had won it so when the post man knocked and handed me this huge box addressed to me, I was curious. I hadn't ordered anything that would come in a box like that. 
I was super excited when I got into the box and saw some of my favourite Taffy Mail items!

This box was bigger than the normal ones, It was about triple the size.

I got some old fave's and some new bits too.

Hello Cheeto's, you're a new best friend!

My FAVE of the entire box is this friggin box of Cap'n Crunch!

Do you want a Taffy Mail surprise?

If you use the code BESTIE15 you can get 15% off your first box. 

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