Looks like a jawbreaker right?

It's a bath bomb from Lush called Sakura.

Its such a pretty colour too, it looks like unicorns.

It's my favourite bath bomb from Lush, it's not all singing all dancing, it's sweet and simple.

I had a lovely bath the other night using this bath bomb and boy does it make the body feel amazing!

Once the bomb has fizzled out it leaves your bath with a nice scent and if you used bubbles in your bath it turns them all paste colours.

If you are ever in a pickle, do yourself a favour and get one of these and pop it in your bath and just feel the relaxation!

The first time I got this was from Daisy for Christmas and its been a fave since then!

And just for good measures, here's it in action!

Are you a Lush fan?

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