Yesterday was the day I got to see one of my bestie trying on her Wedding Dress for the last time before the big day.

So I hopped on a train to Leeds.

train selfie

I always enjoy my train rides to Leeds, it's such a scenic route.

I popped in my earphones and listened to some chill tunes whilst staring out the window.

When I got to Leeds I got a taxi to the dress shop. 
We were offered a glass of bubbly upon arrival. 

I had to learn how to tie Jo's dress up as I will be the one dressing her next Saturday.

After that we went back to her place where we chatted and laughed for hours, talking about old days.

We had a pizza and eventually all said goodnight. I certainly slept very well!

We spent the morning watching Shaun of the Dead and munching on batman shaped toast.

Then it was time for me to get back to Sheffield.


Train ride essentials.

When I finally got home I had a nap and unpacked my bags. 

Got a shower and went back out to meet my folks in Crystal Peaks. 

We did some shopping and then went to Damon's for dinner. 

I had the ribs and chicken tenders combo. It's my fave. The coleslaw is my FAVE coleslaw ever. I wish they sold it in shops! 

Where was your last train ride to? 

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