Well it's been over 2 months now since my wonderful birthday bash in Blackpool, I never quite got round to posting about it.
So why not now.

This post is VERY PIC HEAVY, so not soz.

Brett drove Rachel and I to Blackpool on Friday morning.
Rachel says she saw the tower and the sea first, but I think she lies! I'm pretty sure I won both of them. It was after all my birthday!!!

The hotel we stay in is right by the Blackpool Tower, it's nice and central.

We parked up and went for some fish n chips, as you do by the seaside.
We went to Harry Ramsden like we did last year.
I had scampi and chips which pleased Rachel since last year I had something with chicken in and she was positively disgusted.
(the scampi was beyond delicious btw!)

 We had a family portrait on the seaside too.

And of course Rachel and I stole a cheeky selfie together

Then it was off to check into the hotel.

I enjoy the sign above the bed.
Our room this year felt a bit bigger than the year before, but the wifi was pants :/

I wore my geo print dress. It was a nice day so I didn't wanna wear too much.

We had a bottle of fizz that Rachel's mum had got for the weekend and then started to get ready after a short nap and rest.

As all classy girls do, we drank our Cherry Vodka's from coffee mugs.

Kerry and her friend came out for some fun too.
We were like some kinda gang, it was awesome!

We hit up a few places before finishing the night in what used to be Sanuk.

We encountered a bunch of dudes who were on a stag do.
We laughed so much, well I certainly did, my sides were aching from giggling so much.

I wore a navy dress with crochet cap sleeves. I wanted to be able to dance and bare my arms.
This dress is perfect for that.

I'm living for this pic right now, we all look so jolly!
This was after a lot of dancing was had!

After Kerry and her friend left Rachel and I dragged ourselves to a placed called Flamingo.
We naturally dominated the dance floor till like 4am when we retired.

The next morning I was rather tender so after a long morning of waking up and getting courage to face the day, we went for a walk around the shopping centre.

We couldn't miss the chance to go into the Disney store. 

We had to take a selfie with Iron Man too.. what's a birthday without one?

I picked up loads yummy treats at an old sweet shop and a cute flower crown for a quid from Primark. 

After our walk and lunch at Bella Italia I was feeling much better.

I even got a waffle!

Then it was back to the hotel for a nap, a nice long nap.

We started getting ready, listening to our Blackpool playlists and laughing and drinking classy drinks from mugs.

I wore another swing dress.
This one is an old fave.

I got very few pics from this night as we were too busy dancing and chugging gin and juice.
But I scored this selfie I sent to Rachel as she was taking too long outside. 
I spent what felt like an hour alone on the dance floor.

Just look at Rachel busting a move.

Like I said... I didn't get many pics. Too busy making memories.

I had a great birthday again with Rachel, Kerry and Adam.

Can't wait to repeat this tradition next year!

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